"Kim Geun-tae was organized by the Agency for Information and Communication, and even the case of Park Jong-chul is under pressure from the ministry."

The prosecution and prosecution committee under the Ministry of Justice announced on Thursday that the National Intelligence Service (formerly the National Security Planning and Planning) should abolish the right to coordinate security investigations, which had planned to cover up torture of the late Kim Geun-tae (left photo). It also recommended that Park Jong-chul (right) be used as an example of the wrong investigation by the prosecution and be reflected in the education process of incumbent prosecutors and investigators. The committee judged that the prosecution abandoned the prosecution`s basic duty of protecting human rights because it did not confirm the truth even though it heard about the torture damage suffered during the police investigation from Kim. Lee Geun-ahn and other senior police officers said they were reluctant to investigate because they accepted their wives and excuses.
스포츠토토추천The committee acknowledged that the prosecution abused its authority to tolerate and defend police investigations and recommended that the victims apologize to the public. Kim, then chairman of the Youth Coalition for Democracy, was tortured for 23 days at the anti-communist division of the police headquarters for violating the National Security Law. He died in 2011 after suffering from aftereffects of torture while in politics.
The Ministry of Information and Communication reportedly adjusted from the back to prevent the prosecution from contacting Kim's lawyer in order to cover up the torture case and reject the request of the court to protect evidence of physical emotion. The committee recommended the revision of the Presidential Decree of 'Planning and Coordinating Information and Security Operations,' a basis that enabled the agency to intervene. The clauses that require the NIS director to adjust to major security criminals and newspapers, and that the prosecutor consults with the NIS director when there are different opinions on handling cases with the NIS are included. "It is only a relic of the authoritarian era that the Cold War ideology dominated, and the intelligence agency's control of the prosecution's right to appeal goes against the Criminal Procedure Act," the committee said.

The committee said on the same day, "We were suffocated by a fish scandal over the murder of Park Jong-chul, and that the announcement of the head of the National Security Office was false. The committee said, We need a stern reflection on the prosecution`s mistakes, recommending that the case be reflected in the prosecutors` education process and prosecutors` investigation.

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