Non-residential buildings over 85m2 dedicated glass"...○ Increase the chances of winning

Those who could not challenge their application due to low extra points can gain the upper hand in winning the bid if they apply for a house with a private area exceeding 85m2. A single resident who wants to clean up must actively utilize the existing system before the end of November when the new system takes effect.
This is because more than 75 percent of the houses subject to the lottery will be supplied to the homeless first when residents are selected through a lottery system in areas such as speculative hot spots, over-the-counter areas, and metropolitan areas.
In accordance with the "913 Housing Market Stabilization Measures" by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the revised rules on housing supply will open the door for new houses to be sold.

Houses in speculative hotspots exceeding 85m2 for their own use will be drawn in half of their sales. However, due to the high competition rate between homeless people and single-family households, it was not easy for them to buy houses by drawing lots. In the future, more than 75 percent of 500 households, or 375 households, will be homeless, given that 1,000 apartments in the speculation zones will be generally distributed. This means that it will be easier for homeless people to build their own homes through subscription.

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